Ri. Essentials Butter Me Up

Ri. Essentials Butter Me Up

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Aren't you tired of flaky leave-in conditioners and temperamental hair custards? Tired of products working for a while and then leaving your hair? Stop marinating your hair in harmful chemicals, fragrances, and alcohols. Infuse your hair with everything it needs. Butter me Up works overtime to keep your hair moisturized, growing, and healthy. This great mix of butters, oils, powders, and rosewater helps your hair thrive in any weather condition. The rosewater and aloe vera gel help moisturize your hair while the shea butter and black jamaican castor oil seals it in. The chebe powder and batana oil encourage incredible hair growth and length retention while the apricot and argan oil protects from sun damage.

Try this product on your twist outs or protective style. 

Guaranteed to keep your hair moisturized for days, if not weeks, on end.

Why choose us?

Get Products Just For You, Give 10% back to charity too!

Black Dollar Beauty Box is like no other beauty box because while you are also saving money, trial and erring products just for you, you are also giving 10% of your purchase to social change charities!


“I went natural 3 years ago and I have yet to find products I know I can buy on the consistent basis that work for my hair. Spending $50 at the beauty supply to go home and find out the products do not work for me was what sparked my interest in your cost efficient box.”

Former Campus Curl Member

“This concept would be perfect for mixed people and I am glad you added mens products. You gave us a way to teach ourselves what we could not be taught.”

Christopher and Alanie